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28 March 2014



Year R Grandparent Tea Party

21 March 2014


Homework Survey

21 March 2014

A questionnaire was given to all classes via the School Council reps to get an idea of what the children thought about the homework that has been set for them since September. The notes below try to summarise both the results of the questionnaires that were completed and the School Council responses.

The responses were interesting and will give the teachers an insight on how to improve what is set for the children.

How much homework do you get?
There was a clear pattern across the school of an increasing amount set.
Reading, spelling and tables were consistently set in all classes but the consistency across year groups of other homework set seemed variable from week to week and between classes.

When do you do it? / Where do you do it?
Most of the homework set seems to be weekend homework or attempted at the weekend. Children say they have many activities in the week evenings. There was a fairly even split between Saturday and Sunday. Interestingly, as the children get older there were more responses to imply that they did homework in a quieter room/own room, at tables or desks, forming good working habits.

Are you able to have access to a computer for h/w if you need to?
There were a small group of children (10 approx) who did not have access to a computer/ internet access.

What homework have you most enjoyed?
Maths and Mathletics were the most popular homework particularly in years 4 and 6. Homework on the computer was most enjoyed by year 5.

Which ones have you disliked?
English Particularly comprehension came up in a number of classes.

What do you think of Mathletics homework, what is set for you and is it of the right level?
Responses were spilt fairly consistently half and half across all year groups, some children like it and some actively dislike it. Some find things set too difficult and some too easy. Year 4 and 6 found the level mostly alright. When asked about the ‘My Maths’ website it was not consistently used.

Is your homework too easy /too hard/just right?
More found it easy rather than too hard, year 6 was about right.

Would you like more/less homework?
Consistently 50/50 across the school although 6SC would like less!

What do your parents think of the homework?
Children reported mixed responses.
“Too easy” “Not simple enough” “Good, at the right level” (these comments were from the same class!)
“Needed more info on how to do the homework”
“Why do you need to do so much homework?”
“Do not like the work would prefer to spend time with him”
“Work is boring!”
“Really like it, preparing them for the next school”
“Super, more of it”

We would like to thank the children for taking part so sensibly and giving us their honest opinions.
If you or your child would like to make further comment to the School Council about their findings on homework or indeed any other issue please contact them on schoolcouncil@holytrinity.surrey.sch.uk.  The children would love to hear from you!

Year 1 visit Guildford Library & Castle

21 March 2014

Year One had a wonderful day in the sunshine on Monday visiting Guildford Library and Guildford Castle as part of their 'Meet the Dragons' topic. They enjoyed dragon stories and they hunted high and low for dragons at the castle. A few lucky children even saw some dragons!

Meet the Organ at Guildford United Reformed Church

14 March 2014

A group of our talented pianists in Years 5 and 6 had a fantastic opportunity this morning to experience playing a church organ. They were impressed by the volume, especially when visiting the pipe chamber and especially enjoyed trying out their keyboard skills on a more powerful instrument than a piano. Thanks to the team at the United Reformed Church for hosting such a fascinating morning.

Some additional  photos from the Schools Organ Day are now up on the North Hampshire Organists' Association website at www.nhoa.org.uk (click on Photo Gallery).

Stained Glass Window

14 March 2014

A group of talented artists worked with Kathy Shaw-Urlich to create this wonderful stained glass effect window.

Kathy explained how she came up with her wonderful designs and how her ideas transferred to her art.

This window reflects and idea from each child and is the culmination of their work.

See if you can work out which one represents God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and God the Son of the Holy Trinity.

The children’s work will be displayed in the Chapel from next week.

Pewley House Music

12 March 2014

Every house did their own musical activity from African beats to making our own ‘Stomp’ music with things we found in the classroom, to virtual keyboards, making tunes in groups and musical statues. We found you can make good music using our bodies (stamping, clapping, voice). It was a very active, rhythmic, noisy but fun session! We found it is quite hard to keep a beat going at the same pace and to make up our own tunes that we can all play.

Charity Cake Sale

07 March 2014

On Friday 7th March a charity cake sale organised by Sebastian and his friends in aid of muscular dystrophy. Every cake was sold and a massive thanks to everyone for donating and buying cakes. A big thank you to Sainsbury's in Guildford High Street for their cake donation. They raised £265 for Harrison's Fund and the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

Year 5 News from the Week

07 March 2014

Egg Drop

Our challenge was to design, build and test a landing craft for our chocolate egg. We investigated air resistance and crumple zones by making parachutes and springs. We were able to divert and absorb the energy away from the egg using lolly sticks and cardboard. One of our biggest problems was that the more protection we gave the egg, the heavier it became. We needed to come up with some very clever designs to ensure we used the available materials as effectively as possible.

Building the Pyramids

Our task was to design and build a mechanism that could move bricks for our pyramid. We needed to find a way to use the maximum amount of force with the minimum amount of effort. We designed platforms and cradles for the bricks and found out that our mechanism needed to be able to move up and down as well as oscillate!

SATRO Science Day

We had a fantastic day building and testing pneumatic rockets when the SATRO team visited Y5! After carefully constructing the rockets, filling them with the correct amount of ‘rocket fuel’, we took them out on to the green to test them. We needed to add compressed air to the water; it was hard work pumping the bottles up! Once we were at a safe distance we could set them off. We took it in turns to record the flight times and distance travelled. It was great fun!


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