Breakfast Club Fun & Games

21 June 2019

At Breakfast Club we were visited by two very special friends, Jake and Ewan, who have put Eliana's idea for teams games this term into action. We are very grateful for the huge amount of preparation they have put into our Clean the Oceans Games. We have three teams and their goal is each to clean their ocean of plastic and rubbish and replace it with seaweed or fish. The only way to remove a piece of rubbish is to win a puzzle or game, once that has happened another team member can make a fish or seaweed out of pipe cleaners to replace it.

So sign up Breakfast clubbers! We still need a team leader for the Arctic and Pacific Oceans and lots of members.

See you on Tuesday for more fun games!

Transition Visit

21 June 2019

Our new Y3 children had a lovely time during their transition visit. We look forward to seeing them all again in September.

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