Maths Legends at HTPD

08 January 2015

This week at the juniors, "Maths legends" was launched! This is a new mental maths scheme which we believe will improve the children's recall of number facts, as well as encouraging them to compete for certificates and house points. The details of the scheme are explained in the attached document, but hopefully your child will be able to tell you over the coming weeks how they are getting on. They will be deciding, with the help of their teacher, at which level they can make a start. The children have a choice about whether to work on number bonds or times tables and they will move up a level once their teacher feels they have mastered the level they are on. In both the number bonds and the times tables "departments" there are 15 levels of increasing difficulty.

Children in Year 2 will be joining the scheme later in the term.

Please read the attached document if you would like further information about how the scheme will work, and what each level involves.

We are all looking forward to this exciting new adventure!