Book Week Planning

31 January 2012

School Council have been busy planning Book Week. What's the strangest place you have ever read a book? Be as inventive as you like and print out the pictures to add to our display in the hall. They have posed for a few pictures to give you some ideas. Parents can join in too!


Reception have been busy

24 January 2012

We've been busy in reception starting new LEAPS, enjoying some old favourites stories and learning about Chinese new year.

Pond Repairs

23 January 2012

The Pewley pond developed a big leak and so thanks to FOPS it is being repaired.

Dave has carefully saved all the pond creatures and when he has put in the new liner and replaced all the stones he will introduce the creatures to their new home. He is going to build a special beach at one end of the pond to allow the pond creatures to climb in and out easily. We are looking forward to pond dipping again once the pond creatures have settled in!

House Music Medley Assembly

19 January 2012

On Thursday morning we all enjoyed some fantastic performances during the House Music Medley assemblies. There were a wonderful array of acts and so much talent! Huge congratulations to everyone who took part.

Mr Men Day

18 January 2012

Willow Class had a Mr Men Day! Many of them came to school dressed up or wore bright colours. They made Mr Men models, had a go at writing some of the character names and designed their own Mr Men character on the computer. It was part of a special treat that they had chosen after collecting 10 smilies for great co operation and team work. Well done Willow!

Year 2 Where the Wild Things Are

16 January 2012

Week Commencing 9th January 2012
Having heard the story Where the Wild Things Are, we have spent time thinking about what our own wild thing would look like and be like. We coloured in pictures and drew our own wild things to help use 2 describing words to describe it’s skin, eyes, ears, feet etc.


Week Commencing 16th January 2012
This week we have thought about telling our own story. We have imagined where we would go, how we would get there, who we would meet and what would happen. Each part of the story has been brought to life with role play, puppets, dressing up, construction, atlases, different types of transport etc. before we sit down to write our adventure.

Year 6 Visited by Guildford Flames

15 January 2012

Two members of the Guildford Flames Ice Hockey Squad visited Year 6 last week to explain the thrills of the game, and also emphasise the importance of a healthy lifestyle. They showed us how well protected they are on the ice rink and talked about the efforts they go to to stay fit and healthy. The children enjoyed trying out their kit and were wowed by an action DVD of the team on ice. They were an inspiration for us all!

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

06 January 2012

When we came back to school we spent 2 days being inventors for Willy Wonka. We had to apply for a job first. We thought about what sweets we like and why; we designed and made sweets and their wrappers; we went in the great glass elevator to different rooms in the factory and thought about what we would see, hear and smell in that room. This really tested our descriptive vocabulary! We even made a special cake and some honeycomb too.

Christmas Science

19 December 2011

Year 6 received a request from Santa to investigate more effective methods of transport for his Christmas deliveries. They had to consider all the forces operating on a wheeled vehicle travelling down a slope, finding out how far various vehicles rolled and varying the angle, the weight carried and the surface travelled over. Apparently BMWs and Lotuses were very efficient! Rudolph might want to disagree!

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