Lego & Binca Club

27 February 2015

Lego club and binca club children having lots of fun with their amazing creations.

Year 6 Healthy Bodies

13 February 2015

As part of our ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ topic we have been learning about food groups and nutrition. Jane Barratt, a nutritionist, visited us to explain why the human body needs a RAINBOW of fruit and vegetables to enable it to grow and repair itself. We found out about the eleven body systems and that there are 35 trillion cells in our body!

We used all of the information Jane told us to sort food into the five common food groups, deciding where they should go through lots of discussion. We then used this information to start planning a healthy school lunch menu for secondary school. We looked at different example lunch menus but noticed that if you were vegetarian, vegan, coeliac, diabetic, or had food allergies, or your religion prohibited you eating certain foods, you had very little choice about what you could eat for lunch. We decided to plan a lunch menu that would be suitable for everyone!

Year 4 Hadrian's Wall Re-enactment

13 February 2015

The children have been learning about the Roman’s invading Britain. This week we re-enacted what life would have been like as a soldier patrolling Hadrian’s Wall. They formed their own Milecastles and took shifts in marching along the wall, to protect it from the Picts!

HTSC (PTA) Tree of Wishes

10 February 2015

We thank you Parents, for all the lovely Christmas presents that the classes received today from your donations to the Tree of Wishes. The children were so excited to have all their presents (particularly the Prit Sticks, the Blue Tack and the white board pens!) Each year group received a number of gifts that they had requested, from aprons to foam dice. Thank you again. The Holy Trinity Classes and Teachers.

Bedtime Story at Pewley

10 February 2015

We all enjoyed sharing a bedtime story on Tuesday. The children looked even more delightful in their pyjamas and dressing gowns. It was a lovely way to end a busy half term of work. Thanks to FOPS as well for their hard work organising the hot chocolate.

Reception Snow Day

06 February 2015

Reception had a very exciting time in the snow. They made snowmen and even had a go at painting in the snow!

Snow Day at HT

03 February 2015


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