Autumn 2018

Moses: "God at Work"

This term our assembly series follows the journey of Moses through the desert. The children will be considering the importance of the Ten Commandments as rules for life as well as the basis for British democracy. We will think about Moses' conversations with God as he led God's people out of captivity and, together with learning some road safety, each week's road sign will be used as a metaphor for living life to the full. Also, our Friday character will ponder whether teaching is the right career choice and contemplate alternative jobs - life boat volunteer, police officer, vicar, fire officer or doctor to name just a few - only to realise that each of us can find our role and vocation that is exactly right for us.

Week 1 - Giving Directions
Week 2 - Sending Hope
Week 3 - Controlling Anger
Week 4 - Speaking Clearly
Week 5 - Overcoming Fear
Week 6 - Building Faith
Week 7 - Harvest Challenge
Week 8 - Supplying our Needs
Week 9 - Making Us Brave
Week 10 - Giving Us Rules
Week 11 - Helping Us Relax
Week 12 - Defeating Death
Week 13 - Keeping His Promises

Summer 2018

It's a puzzle

This term we are using the parables of Jesus to help think about living life to the full. We started off with the story of the wise man building his house on the rock and considered what Jesus meant by building these firm foundations. Retelling Aesop’s fables each week will also help us to understand and puzzle out Jesus’ meaning. We’re calling the series “It’s a puzzle” and hoping that at the same time as thinking about life’s challenges, the children will enjoy lots of maths puzzles, anagrams and cryptic clues!

Week 1 - Two Builders

Week 2 - Pearl of a Great Price
Week 3 - The Sower
Week 4 - Two Brothers
Week 5 - The Widow & The Judge
Week 6 - The Good Samaritan
Week 7 - The Rich Fool
Week 8 - The Prodigal Son
Week 9 - The Tax Collector
Week 10 - The Talents
Week 11 - The Ten Bridesmaids
Week 12 - The Lost Sheep
Week 13 - The Tenanats

Spring 2018

Metal Fruit
This term's assembly series takes inspiration from two key passages in the New Testament where we are encouraged to live as God intended us. From Ephesians 6 we look at the idea of putting on the full armour of God to face each of life's challenges. Meanwhile, alongside this idea each week, a different fruit will help us to look at what living life to the full might be, as we consider the fruits of the Spirit described in Galatians 5; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

A weekly challenge to make our school community even more respectful will keep us all on our toes, and some wisdom from Shakespeare will give us a literary focus too!

Week 1 - Be Real
Week 2 - Find Truth
Week 3 - Feel Good
Week 4 - Make Peace
Week 5 - Have Faith
Week 6 - Know Joy
Week 7 - Control Yourself

Autumn 2017

David - both sides of the story
This term we'll be looking at the story of King David from the Old Testament. He was the Israelites' most loved king and known as "a man after God's own heart". He shows us so many Christ-like attributes, but was also fallible and made mistakes. The term's theme also uses traditional tales to encourage us all to look at things from different points of view (what if the Big Bad Wolf was actually trying to check the three little pigs' dwellings for strength to withstand a storm, or if the little red hen had a helpful team right from the start of the story?), together with a weekly punctuation mark which connects the Bible theme with the children's grammar lessons! The theme goes right up to Christmas time, linking in with the Christmas nativity carol "Once in Royal David's city".

Summer 2017

With the summer term properly underway, we have now begun our new assembly series which this term is based upon John Bunyan’s book, Pilgrim’s Progress. In the book, Christian, a traveller, journeys through the countryside on a quest for a perfect place – God’s heavenly city. We have asked the children each week, taking a class at a time, to describe a special place that they love to visit. It’s interesting how all ages of children, and in fact adults too, seem to find most peace in the outdoors. Let's hope the weather means that we get to do lots of outdoor learning this summer!

As well as finding our destination, we’re looking at how to get help along the way. Christian is met each week on the road by a friend who helps him along on his journey. It’s inspiring to talk to the children about their own life plans and to help them make great choices about how to get there.

Week 1 - Follow the Light
Week 2 - Believe in Yourself
Week 3 - Don't Give Up
Week 4 - Fresh Start
Week 5 - Be Still
Week 6 - Stand Firm
Week 7 - Face your Fears
Week 8 - Live Simply
Week 9 - Be Hopeful
Week 10 - Be Hopeful 2
Week 11 - A New Home

Love is... Spring 2017

Week 1 - Learn to... Love
Week 2 - Love is eternal
Week 3 - Love is patient 
Week 4 - Love is kind 
Week 5 - Love is not jealous
Week 6 - Love is not proud
Week 7 - Love is not rude
Week 8 - Love is not selfish
Week 9 - Love is not irritable
Week 10 - Love is keeps no record or wrongs
Week 11 - Love is not content with evil
Week 12 - Love never fails

HTPD Heroes - Autumn 2016

Each week we will be introducing a famous person whose life exemplifies a particular heroic attribute from caring for others, to determination, endurance, overcoming fear, and living without prejudice to name a few. There will also be a builder visiting us in assembly each Friday, explaining how a builder's tools are linked to our week's theme. The children will also hear about an Old Testament character whose life demonstrates the same heroic quality. All of us will be challenged to live like heroes!

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11 - Nelson Mandela
Week 12 - Jesus



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