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Progression in Calculation Policy

Please follow this link to our calculation policy which explains methods taught in Years 1-6.

In the meantime, we hope you find some of the links below useful.

Mental Maths Scheme
Feb 17)

MyMaths (please see JTLYKs or teacher for login information) - KS1 & KS2
Primary Resources - KS1 & KS2
Crickweb - KS1
MathsZone - lots of resources available here for KS2
BBC Bitesize - KS1
- KS1 & KS2
Mathletics - we have signed up for this, please obtain your username and password from your teacher and send in a donation of £5

Click here to download a 100 square for counting and a timestable grid on page 1. There are examples of 2D and 3D shapes and some basic fractions information on page 2.



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