House System at HTPD

At HTPD we use the house system to encourage pupils to invest in the life of the school. This system provides opportunities for friendly competition and showcasing talents, it is a positive way of recognizing and celebrating pupils' contributions. It also enables children from across the year groups to get to know each other and work collaboratively. The children are put into one of four houses, each one being named after a chosen hero. There are events throughout the year which aim to cater for all tastes, these include: netball, football, cricket, cross country, table tennis, stacking, mathsmagic, chess, music medley, public speaking, art and dance. The houses also meet together regularly at house assemblies and spend a whole week together during the Summer term for Curriculum Week. Below are the four houses and a short explanation of why we chose these people to be our heroes. Nick oversees the House System at the Juniors and Emily at the Infants.


Nelson Mandela was a peacemaker and a freedom hero in South Africa he fought for justice and equality for all. He is a House Hero because he understood what it meant to fight against enormous odds. Mary is our Mandela leader at the Juniiors and Sheena at the Infants. Ollie & Cerys are House Captains and Josh & Martha Vice Captains.


Helen Keller was an American citizen, her passionate fight to be heard cements her place as one of our empowering House Heroes. Despite extremely limiting disabilities, she learned through hard work and perseverance; she overcame blindness and deafness to become an accomplished writer and advocate of the disabled. Julia is our Keller leader at the Juniors and Hannah at the Infants. Charlie & Freya are House Captains and Tom and Honor Vice Captains.


Through selfless devotion and sheer determination, Florence Nightingale transformed the profession of nursing forever. She gave dignity and honour to this profession and revolutionized hospital conditions, making them more organized and above all, sanitary. Ginnie is Nightingale leader at the Juniors and Emily at the Infants. James & Eliza are House Captains and Billy is Vice Captain.


At a time known as the heroic age of Antarctic exploration, Ernest Shackleton distinguished himself as a hero, not only among the masses, but also among the 27 men - officers, scientists and seamen - who were his crew members on the expedition. Shackleton earned the respect of these men, as well as the respect of millions today, by being a leader who put his men's well-being, both mental and physical, above all else. Heather is our Shackleton leader at the Juniors and Sian at the Infants. Tom & Poppy are House Captains and Edgar & Alex are Vice Captains.


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